(Important Terms)

If lessons start, you must communicate with your Cherry Hill mentor if you require reassurance or support with any related educational matter. A lot of planning takes place outside of lessons to ensure each child is thoroughly educated.

It is very rare that anyone leaves the Cherry Hill program. The tuition we offer is long term. In the event that you need to leave any time after the first month, we ask that you provide two months’ notice by email.


We accept first tuition payments by Debit/Credit Cards, Cash & Cheques. Tuition payments thereafter are accepted by Direct Debit (Auto-Pay). Tuition Fees can be paid on our website. If you wish to pay your fees without direct debit, there will be a surcharge with each non-direct debit payment.

(We are VAT registered. Our full terms and conditions can be viewed on our website. You will commit to these terms when you make your first payment for tuition.)